Taking Summer Courses

Academy students may elect to take a class during our summer semester. Students will be considered as dual-enrollment applicants. Due to time commitments of the Academy research projects, we ask that participants limit themselves to enrolling in four or fewer credit hours.  If a student wishes to take more than four credit hours, we ask that they discuss this opportunity with their research mentor and SRA directors first. Many science and math courses, when the lecture and laboratory section are taken together, are five credit hour courses at Missouri S&T. A complete listing of available courses is available online. Missouri S&T's summer course schedule will be available after March 21, 2017.

*Please note that summer classes begin  one week prior to the start of the SRA program and end one week after it's conclusion. If you elect to take a summer course you will be responsible for the additional room and board expenses for the extra two weeks. Additionally, enrollment in summer classes may prevent participation in all SRA activities including the trips to St. Louis and Springfield. 

Summer courses begin June 5 and final exams conclude July 28.

Fee information will not be available until April 1, 2017 as educational fees for the 2016-2017 academic year will not be set by the UM Board of Curators until this time. Please check the Student Financial Aid website at http://sfa.mst.edu/ftcindex/ for information on tuition and fees. 

For more specific information regarding academic fees, please visit our [cashier's office].