Research Opportunities

Research projects are available in a variety of disciplines. Each student will be paired with a Missouri S&T faculty/graduate student mentor in their field of interest. For a few projects, students may work together in pairs.

Selecting a research project

  1. As projects for the 2017 summer research academy become available they will be posted below. 
  2. Students will be given the opportunity to select their top three preferred projects from the list of available projects below.
  3. While we can't guarantee specific projects, we'll do our best to help you meet your goals.

2017 Summer Research Academy Projects:  

 Dr. Mohsen Asle Zaeem, Assistant Professor
 Materials Science and Engineering
 In this project students will be paired with a Ph.D. student and an undergraduate researcher to work on computer simulations of solidification of metals at nano scale or computer simulations of oxidation of metals at nano scale. 
 Dr. Maciej Zawodniok; Associate Professor
 Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Project #1: Indoor navigation using off the shelf devices and sensors (e.g. smartphone). Student will perform experiments and collect sensor data with a goal of trackig and localization indoors. Additionally, student can participate in smartphone app development to implement our tracking and navigation scheme. 
  • Project #2: Sensor network monitoring and visualization. Student will be involved in the effort to collect performance data from a sensor, mesh network devices and visualizations of the data for both sensors and network status. 
 Dr. Xiaodong Yang, Assistant Professor
 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Study of fundamental optics adn optical metamaterials with numerical simulations. In this project, the student will learn fundamental optics and explore how light is propagated inside optical metamaterials for realizing novel optical  devices. Both textbook and simulation  software will be used to enhance  study.  
 Dr. Jie Gao, Assistant Professor
 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Numerical simulation of photonic and metamaterial devices. In this project, the student will learn electromagnetics basics, and conduct numerical simulations of photonic devices and metamaterial devices in order to understand the  physics and applications. 
 Dr. Dave Westenberg
 Biological Sciences
  • Project #1:   This project will involve working on a project being developed by the S&T Synthetic Biology Student Design Team. The project will involve DNA isolation, PCR, gel electrophoresis, gene cloning, etc.. The iGEM team is still determining the  project for 2017 but topics under consideration involve designing biosensors to be used with plants. 
  • Project #2:  This project would involve studying chemical signals that bacteria use to communicate with each other. Students will be extracting signal molecules, analyzing them wiht thin layer chromatography and gene analysis. 
 Dr. Gary Grubbs II, Assistant Professor
 Enantiomeric excess analysis by use of signal linearity in FTMW spectroscopy and relativistic effects in noble and actinide metal bonding. 
Dr. Fateme Rezaei, Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
The project involves synthesis, characterization and testing of porous solid materials for removing several pharmaceutical compounds that are typically found in pharmaceutical companies effluents. In this project, the student will learn how to apply principles of chemistry to develop experimental tools for selectively removing contaminants from water streams. 
Dr. Lian Duan, Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering
  • Project #1:   Mining and visualizing computational data for scientific discovery . This project involves using computer and state of the art visualization software to visualize the flow around an aircraft wing.
  • Project #2:  Skin-friction dray reduction using biomimetic surfaces. This project involves using computer to design micro-surface topologies that mimic the surface on the skin of sea creatures (e.g. sharks and sea fur) for reducing the skin-friction drag of transport vehicles. 
Dr. Zhishan Gao, Assistant Professor
Computer Science
  • Project #1:   Implementing a simulator for comparing the energy consumptions between continous and discrete frequency selection scheme for mulit-core platform. For simulating this work MATLAB can be a potential tool. 
  • Project #2:  Real-time scheduling and real-time systems (e.g. developing robot (e.g. LEGO) toosl for real-time systems education and training. 
  • Project #3:  Learn how to program in FreeRTOS which is the market-leading real-time operating system, and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. 
Dr. Amitava Choudhury, Assistant Professor
  • Project #1:   Electrode materials for lithium and sodium ion batteries. 
  • Project #2:  Complex chalcogenides for magnetic and thermoelectric materials. 
  • Project #3:  Metallo-organic framworks (MOFs) for gas storage and catalysis.  
  Dr. Jonghyun Park, Assistant Professor
   Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
   Additives for lithium ion batteries play an important role in battery performance and lifetime. In this project, we will study basic physics about how additives affect battery behavior and how to optimize them through an experimental and modeling approach. 


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